• Ninety One (map)
  • 91 Brick Lane
  • London, England, E1 6QL
  • United Kingdom

The R.A.P Party.

What might eloquent voices from contemporary poetry and spoken word movements have to say about hip-hop's past, present and future? Come chill and find out at Inua Ellams' Rhythm And Poetry Party... a nostalgic, no-clutter, no-fuss, straight-up evening of hip-hop-inspired poems and favorite hip-hop songs.

This event features: Kat Francois, Lewis Buxton, Antonia King, Will Harris, Fran Lock, Joshua Judson, Eleanor Penny, Marvin Thompson, Theresa Lola and Inua Ellams.

Venue: Ninety One
Time: 7:30pm
Address: 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QR
Tickets: £8/£6 (Concessions). Buy Here.