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Born in Nigeria, Inua Ellams is an award winning poet, playwright & founder of the Midnight Run. Identity, Displacement & Destiny are reoccurring themes in his work in which he mixes the old with the new, traditional with the contemporary. His books are published by Flipped Eye, Akashic, Nine Arches & Oberon.

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Born in Nigeria, Inua Ellams is a cross art form practitioner, a poet, playwright & performer, graphic artist & designer and founder of the Midnight Run — an international, arts-filled, night-time, playful, urban, walking experience. He is a Complete Works poet alumni and a designer at White Space Creative Agency. Across his work, Identity, Displacement & Destiny are reoccurring themes in which he also tries to mix the old with the new: traditional african storytelling with contemporary poetry, pencil with pixel, texture with vector images. His poetry is published by Flipped Eye, Akashic, Nine Arches & several plays by Oberon. 

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Born in Nigeria, Inua Ellams is a poet, playwright & performer, graphic artist & designer. He is a Complete Works poet alumni and a graphic designer at White Space Creative Agency. He facilitates workshops in creative writing where he explores reoccurring themes in his work - Identity, Displacement and Destiny - in accessible, enjoyable ways for participants of all ages and backgrounds. 

His creative work has been recognised with a number of awards, most recently, The Live Canon International Poetry Prize, an Arts Council of England Award, a Wellcome Trust Award, twice shortlisted for the Brunel Prize for African Poetry, longlisted for the Alfred Fagan Award, and a 2009 Edinburgh Fringe First Award.

He has been commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company, National Theatre, Tate Modern, Louis Vuitton, Chris Ofili, BBC Radio & Television. His first three pamphlets of poetry ‘Thirteen Fairy Negro Tales’ and ‘Candy Coated Unicorn and Converse’ were published Flipped Eye and 'The Wire-Headed Heathen' by Akashic Books. Several plays including the critically acclaimed Black T-shirt Collection and award-winning The 14th Tale are published by Oberon. In 2005, he founded the Midnight Run— an arts-filled, night-time, playful, walking, urban movement that attempts to reconnect inner city lives with inner city spaces.


BBC Writer's Room Interview for Swipe Slow (see below).

Interview with the British Council.


A 40 minute poetry set, filmed at the Giving Word Festival. 2015. 

A poem commissioned by National Theatre. it closely follows the plot of the play Everyman

Poem: Directions. About going for a walk in the city. Published in Candy Coated Unicorns & Converse All Stars.

Poem: Candy Coated Unicorns & Converse All Stars. Published in Candy Coated Unicorns & Converse All Stars.

Poems: Dear Tina, Faith in a time of double dip recessions. Recorded at Wordsmiths & Co.



Trailer For An Evening With An Immigrant

Trailer for Untitled

TED talks.

TEDx Brixton. 2015

TEDx Hackney Talk on The Midnight Run. 2013

TEDx Euston. 2013.


His writing is aromatic. He can capture the smell of a place, the sense of a moment, as well as anyone.
— Whatsonstage

His words are incredible... The poems are just stunning.
— Everything Theatre.

...dazzling, densely woven hybrids of music, rhythm and narrative, in which Ellams channels his love for image and metaphor into longer, more sustained stories.
— Metro Newspaper

A tinglingly resonant celebration of the art of solo performance.
— Evening Standard

You sink into his storytelling, which paints vivid mental images and, thanks to minimal yet eloquent sound, a real sense of location. Ellams has an easy, laid-back charisma and pares poetic flair for narrative with admirable restraint. The wordsmith remains present, though, and his sentences, with their sophisticated flavour and texture combinations, can be something of a Michelin-starred mouthful.
— Time Out

Ellams’ poetry gleams with a dusty, worn, deeply original beauty and he remains such wonderfully generous company to keep on stage.
— Metro

There’s something uniquely 21st Century about Ellams’ voice which somehow absorbs the whole experience of colonialism without being totally defined by it.
— The Scotsman