Summer’s coming has been a long time… coming. yesterday I decided to do no work whatsoever. Anyone who knows me will tell you that this is incredible; my work is my hobby, the line between work and play is blurred. I spent the day hanging with friends, ‘rolling wit the homies’ you know… pretty uneventful things happened to us. We talked as guys do, you know, just stuff, our conversations revolved mostly around women and music. It’s weird, when I sit down to write something, I immediately think of the global subjects, of the broken hearted many, the faceless ones, and tend to write about them. But in everyday conversations among guys, I find I don’t talk about it unless a woman or music leads on to the topic. It just happens that way. Perhaps it is right that the way is such. If we all preoccupied ourselves with the dark sides of life, who will be there witness the light?

Stephen Camden, Polar Bear of the Urbanian Quarter’s baby came on Tuesday. He has a little boy. To the backdrop of this, The BNP did very well in the last elections, Labour came of scarred, and the Conservative party are on the rise. Bird Flu is growing, more troops are being deployed in Afghanistan, and the situation at home (Africa) is getting worse. I have not had the honour of holding my friend’s baby yet. But when I do, when I grasp his little fist in mine, I will look to Yael, the new mother and to Stephen, a musician, with nothing but the best of wishes to their future.

There, my thoughts will once again revolve around a woman and music.

Life goes on. Inua~phaze


work in progress…

"lady, you are a honey- combed back, that it's juice may run, freely.

you are a slice of smoke-soft-marsh- mellowed by turqoise flames.

you are a cupped palm of apple water, chilled with ice cubes of ambrosia, daily I delve into your center and drink you