Hey, dudes, I have not posted here in such a while.I have good excuses however, massive hiccups in my digital and analogue life, couch surfing for a good few weeks, mistaken identities, bank account cancellation, it seemed the gods were against me!

But I triumphed, slayed the digital dragons, taught demons a thing or two about darkness, took them to the pit and left them to contemplate their own morbid existence. Ha! Be Gone Vile thingybobs!

I lost you right? It happens, that is why we have steering wheels, so we can turn backwards. So I am now going back to the basics, to survival, eating and copulating (with regards to literature) I am reading a lot, keeping all the new info inside, sketching out ideas for other things to write. Recent list includes Paul Auster's - 'New York Trillogy', Malika's Kitchen's - Storm between fingers', Kim Trusty's - Darker than Blue, Khalil Gibran's - The Prophet (I will revisit from time to time, the dude was A DUDE) Nii Parkes' - Shorter, Next is 'Lovers, Liars, Conjurers + Thieves' by Raman Mundair, and after I will delve into the world of Octavia Butler baby. :-)

It's like that, and that's the way it is.

Hope you are well. Will be getting back to grips with my mailing list soon, so join if you have not.