News from Inua Ellams. 10/09/08So sorry! I apologise for the distance; I posted nothing nothing last month because I was taking a breather, a lot of you were on holiday and I had spammed you through July about 'The 14th Tale'... but I am back and in my absence, hope you remembered the formula... (with a slight amendment.)

The formula: three news items and something good from YouTube: THANKS // LIMITED PRINT // THIEF OF BAGHDAD // WOMEN ARE HEROES //

THANKS // The 14th Tale Thanks to all who made the 3 night run of the show at the BAC, seems so long ago now! The 1st night went stupendously well, the narrative, all the little jokes and characters, all received warmly. I was warned of the curse of the 2nd night but I laughed it off claiming to be exceptioned from the rule, but... yes it did not go as planned. I received positive feedback again, but for me, something was off. But on the last night my family came and the show went very well. For y'all who missed it, I am in talks and planning, next year, it will be finished and shown again. Stay tuned.

LIMITED EDiTION PRiNT // This has been a LONG time coming. I wanted to do 3 things with the 1st book. 1) Record some of its poems for a Limited Edition CD, 2) Illustrate the poems & exhibit (which I did in July) and the finally, 3) republish the book with the Illustrations. And here it is... in black and white, matt-finished, soft back print.

The New Book has 13 illustrations (12 new) that are so inspired by the poems that to be fully enjoyed, you gotta flick between as you read. I am doubly exited because I laid out and designed the book. For the first time, my words and images are together in a collection. But there is a twist...

We printed 313 copies. Nothing more. They have all been signed, dated and numbered by me and I hope in a decade or so, when poetry rules the world, snot nosed geeks and enthusiasts will bid-war for them on Amazon/Ebay... They each sell for £6.13p (the 13p is of prime importance, more so than the 6) and are available from - Flipped Eye, click here - -

OR you can get them from me. Please, if nothing at all, stop to look at the book, here is a link to what it looks like, & the first few illustrations. - - enjoy.

THIEF OF BAGHDAD // East London Dance in association with the Royal Opera House, once a year run a project called 'Street Stories' where they devise a show to be staged at the ROH in London, during the Christmas period. This December will see the retelling of The Thief of Baghdad by Opera Maestro Will Tuckett, and ELD have to produce something inspired by that piece. There's an impressive team of choreographers, composers and vocalists on the project, but to eek out, write and structure a story, they needed someone and yours truly is on the case. I have to teach poetry, guide and tease out text from the young cast, take it home and sculpt it, but essentially, I am writing a Libretto for the Royal Opera House. I am actually gonna write an 'Aria', ME, amazing. As I did with the SLAM project earlier in the year, I'll keep you posted as it develops and let you know about tickets for the show. x

YOUTUBE: WOMEN ARE HEROES // I am often asked the question, 'Where do you see yourself in the future?' and I answer detailing how I'd like to travel the world on behalf of the British Council / NGOs / UN / Charities / to interact with communities, teach poetry, learn from & experience as much as I can and report back having created illustrations & written poems/prose about my experiences to be published. I'd try to leave copies and exhibit the work I create in each place as a small token and legacy to its people.... But this video best shows what I mean, its is simple, powerful and beautiful. (I'd really like to travel with them). This month's Youtube offering moved my lady to tears, 'Women Are Heroes'. Sit back and watch -