News from Inua EllamsReminder about The 14th Tale, my show at the Arcola Theatre in London, 18, 19, 20th March. The photos above were taken by Ed Collier of Fuel Theatre.

SPIEL // “Breath in.... Breath out...” This has become my mantra over the last few weeks. Tis funny how everything seems to happen all at once. Lupe Fiasco, one of my all time fave Hip Hop artists rhymes thus: “struggle! another sign that God loves you” Tis the constant want to make meaning out of meaningless, to explain away all the rough stuff that happens and see light at the tunnel's end.

Now, how does this affect the play? Well, amidst the hordes of darkness life chucks at us, check this... the space The 14th Tale will be shown in is completely different to the Battersea Arts Centre's (BAC) where the scratch was held last year. I was looking forward to relaxing into rehearsals, but no no.... at the BAC the audience sat in rows directly facing the stage. I'd look straight ahead and there they were, simple. Next month at the Arcola, the audience will be sat in 'U' formation, straight ahead as well as on my left and right. Drastic.

This means that instead of directing voice, drama, song etc in one direction, in front of me, I have to do this to three different sides. This means a lot of the show will change. From character placement to my psychogeography, what we can show, to whom, when and how through the story's journey. Essentially, the play takes place in a hospital. We are now considering setting this diagonally across the stage, using imaginary walls for the fight scene, placing the tree stage right instead, and other mammoth bits and pieces. Arghhh...

But if I do my job right (and I will) it'll be smooooth.

THE DETAILS // Again, here is what you need to know: The 14th Tale // 18th, 19th, 20th March. 8.15pm // Cost £9/£7 // Bx Offc: 020 7503 1646 The Arcola Theatre // 27 Arcola Street E8 2DJ Bx Offc:

FUTURE + DESKTOP*// Lots of bits are in the pipeline. We are working on publishing the play, you should be able to purchase the book at the event, I will be reading parts of the show on BBC Radio 3's 'The Verb' literature show (more info coming in the next two weeks). We filmed the first 10 minutes, very soon to be edited and Youtubed, stay tuned. In the mean time, I created this for you lovely folks, it is a Desktop Bgk featuring the poster for the show. Download in Standard and Widescreen.

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Stay Cool. Love and Light.