POEJAZZI UDDERBELLY 15 JUNE// There's a purple cow on London's Southbank. It's E4's Udderbelly, an inflatable venue usually pumped for Edinburgh's fringe fest but this summer it hosts eight weeks of comedy, theatre, music, circus... headlined by Joan Rivers. I was asked to write a poem for the launch event last Thursday and in the shadows of the cow, rammed with the who's who of purple-cow-importance, I apologised to the audience (my poem contained one expletive) then launched into its conceptual narrative where I describe stars as 'indifferent twinkle tips and stoic mother**ckers*. Poem went down a treat. No... two treats. I introduced Jude Kelly - artistic director of the Southbank - who gave a short rousing speech, then Joan Rivers, who mooted my apologetic sentiments by swearing profusely between breaths before cutting the Ribbon. But this ain't the real news.

THIS IS: On the 15th of June, I shall be dropping words inside the Udderbelly. We, the legendary Poejazzi team have conspired with E4 and the Udderbelly to present a star-studded event hosted by Scroobius Pip. Feat Afrobear, Sound of Rum & Benin City. Between their music sets Catherine Martindale and I will read poems. Come, I bet you my Self, nude, on a silver platter, you won't regret it.

Date:15th June, 7pm Full details: See purple cow:

DDREAM/ROYAL ALBERT HALL// Daydream Mag of which I am lit editor for is also a hub for visual artists. We've taken over spaces like the Tate Modern, Design Museum & M&C Saatchi, releasing street artists onto white washed walls, spray painting, drawing as they go. This month, we are taking over a big one, The Royal Albert Hall. Okay, not all of, just the loading bay, but still. The exhibition is called 'LOAD'. See below for more info. I've been commissioned to write a lil something for it and will be reading it at the Private View at the RAH. But there's an itch. The private view is on the 15th of June, same as the Udderbelly so I will be hurtling cross London to make both events. LOve it. On Monday 22 June, the exhibition located 3 floors underground, will be open free to the public so swing by. More info? I got you:

Royal Albert Hall: Daydream Blog:

22 JUNE// If you could time travel to this day in 2003, go to the Aroma Cafe - a stone's throw for the National Portrait Gallery. You'll find me in an event called 'AromaPoetry', nervous at the back, wondering if I got guts enough to join the open mic. This was the first time I ever read anything aloud in public. Thought it went horribly, was set to flee the café and abhor all things literary but a lady called Makeda pulled me aside, whispered 'that was really good'. That made me stay, write and return (thanks Maki). This day is my poetry birthdate. I want a present. I am accepting thumbs ups - so before the 20th of June, take a photograph of your right hand in that gesture, mail it to me and I'll make myself a computer desktop bkg with all of them. Thanks!

CITY STATE// I have been published in a spanking new anthology. Penned in the Margins have released a rather beautifully designed, crisp, clean collection of London poems. The cover is of London's underground tube map seeped through a thumb print, on a white matt finish. Featuring the lick of London's lit elite: Jay Bernard, Laura Forman, Jacob Sam La Rose, Ahren Warner, Heather Phillipson, Wayne Holloway-Smith and oh so many more... buy a copy:

See link:

YOUTUBE: SPOKEN WORD AT THE WHITE HOUSE// Yes... you read right! We are still scrabbling with the media for attention, trying to be recognised for our art form, but it is ubiquitous in the states. So much so that Obama - in his ever revolutionary way - has done it again, turned the white house black, hosted a Music, Poetry & Spoken Word night. Prime Minister, in the minutely miniscule chance you are reading this, I am calling you out, do something similar at Number 10, I'll programme, design, flyer and even host it - free of charge! All together, there are 9 Youtube clips, these are 1&2:

Number 1:

Number 2:

That's all Folks!