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What would you say?

INTRO:I am working on a project called Represent. My task is to ‘Crowd Source’ a poem. The project is for the Houses of Parliament, funded through Apples and Snakes and the poem is about identity, voice, democratic engagement and political representation. Essentially, it is about politics: who speaks for us, how they speak for us, about what it means to live in the UK in 2012 and how we make our voices are heard – If you want more info, see here: {} // there is also an intro on Youtube: {}

The poem has to be ‘Crowd Sourced’ meaning (as you prolly know) it has to come from many different sources. I will ask questions and stitch the answers into the poem. I really, really need your help, but in a very small and simple way. I’d like you to answer the question firstly, then ask three, just three, other folks you know they same questions and tell me their answers. That’s all. They could be your parents, colleagues, folks you meet in transit, neighbours… anyone. The more diverse, the better as the poem is to represent all of England. (Yikes!)

The responses can come as poems, lyrics, thoughts or straight forward sentences. So, this is the question:

If you could gather politicians, MP and the nation into a small room, What would you say to them? Or What would you like to be said for you?

looking forward to what you say and what your peeps say. Thanks, Inua.