I have collaborated with Street Dance group - Avant Garde for quite a few years now and our longest talked-about-project will be premiered this Saturday. Called ‘Illegal Dance’ it is a Hip Hop/Contemporary dance narrative set in a world of dictatorship and darkness, where the rule of law seeks to suffocate every basic human right. The people rebel and actively break one particular prohibition and this is where our story begins. It is entirely and purely coincidental that the revolutions in North Africa are going at the moment - in case you draw such a conclusion. I worked on publicity for the show (designed print & online media - see below), also wrote text and within the show, mine is the narrator’s voice.TIME: 8pm TIX: £12 / £8 {http://www.illegaldance.com} PLC: Stratford Circus, Theatre Sqr, E15 1BX

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