You know when you are sitting in the service and the pastor is describing how wrong it is for a man to marry a man and a woman to marry a woman, how against the Bible and nature it is, and you want to say our definition of "homosexuality" is present in about 90% of the other animals on the planet, are we so arrogant that we believe we are the sacred ones? the know-it alls? given we've existed for a fraction of a blink on Earth's timeline? Or you want to say that two of your closest friends are gay men and have both fled their homes because laws restricted and strangled the very happiness I enjoy, that religion is said to provide, and the pastor backs up his stance by reading from the book of Ruth, and before reading the passage, asks why it is that Ruth's book goes largely ignored given its wisdom and compassion and depth, and you want to say that it is part of the machine: the book has been edited by men and used to subjugate women, that female characters were entirely replaced by men to further a gender-unjust world, take any of the books, like the book of Luke... and you realise 'Luke' isn't his actual name, as he wasn't an English dude, so when we pray and invoke the saint, we are calling to a fictionalised character that points to a Greek name, that is representative of a man who died thousands of years ago, that prayers are words, are darts fired into the dark, into the edited recordings of a history largely unknown, that it requires faith, which is a belief in the unbelievable, which is gaseous and nothing and everything and nothing and everything so it doesn't really matter, really. 

But you want your friends to be happy.