Happy New Year folks! Welcome to the second week of 2016. I hope it has started calmly and fruitfully for you. I, personally, am still in holiday mode and wish to stay there for a good few more weeks. Perhaps months. Alas, try as I might, my Nigerian juju no get power reach - there are limits to my black-boy-magic and stopping time exceeds me.

On the subject of time-travel, I'd like to begin this year by taking you back to last year. I was interviewed for two different podcasts where I got to talk about art, poetry, politics, travel and The Midnight Run. 

The first was the inaugural episode for Diasporaphiles - a blog/meeting-place, discovering the common ground between people who feel in place out of place. (35:36min). 

The second was in conversation with the incredible write and urban traveller, Iain Sinclair, for the British council before our trip to Mexico last year.

Hope you find some time to spend listening. Any questions you have, please do not hesitate to ask. Enjoy!