I'm flying to Kenya for 9/10 days tonight and these are the books I plan to get through while I'm there. The two Poetry Magazines are for joy, the others are for work, a play I'm writing: adapting Chekov's Magnificent Three Sisters, setting in the Nigerian Civil War. Like the family in the play (three sisters and a brother), I have three sisters and I'm the only dude. The more I read the play these other adaptations, the closer I fall in love with Chekov's characters.

Setting it in the Civil War though is something else and Flora Nwapa, Chinua Achebe and Buchi Emeechta are my guardian angels. 

One of the characters in Chekov's play is compared to a famous Russian poet. I'm trying to do the same thing: comparing a character to Christopher Okigbo, who not only remains important to Nigerian poetry but died fighting in the very war the play is set. 

Will keep you updated as I read and research.