I am teaching myself to be epic. It begins small. -Trying to draw a pencil tip whilst using the pencil tip. -Asking seeds to grow inside me, then swallowing them. -Pretending to be 1/5th of the wonder. -Trying to breath between heartbreaks. -Writing the beginnings of theories as text messages, -Then texting them to Yemisi.

These things serve mainly as filters, that when the rush of everything I don't control (which is pretty much everything) comes, they take lessons from pencil tips and seeds and come in small sizes. I can't deal big. Anymore. It takes training now. What happened to the fearlessness of that 19 year old that claimed to juice the Muses? Or the 21 year old that claimed to have mistaken Bud-wiser for the Milk-way? I am too young to be this old. And too old to Catch myself at 22 (geddit?)

So to combat, I am trying to be unafraid of the fearlessness, to be epic again.

It begins small. -Drawing tails under every full-stop, so the sentence never stops; -trapping stars in pinhole cameras -echoing echos -echos -

Inua ~