There are exactly four months left till the end of the year. Scary how time flies right? It is about this time you find yourself pulling out the ‘to do list’ you wrote back in January... who doesn’t want to look at it? hands? anyone?


THE 14th TALE: EDINBURGH FRINGE // So So... It begins, the tour. As I write this, I am three days deep into a week long rehearsal for the 14th Tale. Next Monday I jet off to the Edinburgh Fringe Fest to run the show for 10 days as part of the British Council Showcase... pressure? YES. News is spreading... I think this is the last day to get a copy, but if you go a good newsagent, look for a magazine called ‘The Stage’ - theatre/entertainment news, and yours sincerely adorns the front cover with a tribe of other young Edinburgh performers. After that, next, week my face will be on the front cover of FEST - ‘The Ultimate Independent Festival Guide’ - ( as well. If you know anyone who is at the Fringe, please send ‘em my way, wish me luck.

Details: 14th Tale at The Edinburgh Fringe Fest. August 19 - 29th (excluding 23) // Time: 2pm // Cost: £10/£7.50 Pleasance Courtyard, Venue 33 // Tickets: Box Office Call: 0131 556 6550 // Utube: Download Desktop bkg:

THE MIDNIGHT RUN // Last month, I talked about the August MNR, 12 hours walking through the streets of London. I promised fun and brilliance and if I were you, I would’ve listened to me because I was right! The MNR was breathtaking, it was gust stealing, I mean breeze robbing-ly magnificent... you should have been there. We had no business indulging in such harmless good natured fun, especially when the world would have us believe that everything is on the brink of collapse. Everything ran smoothly, even the unplanned happenings seemed planned. We started with 13 runners at 6p.m - but at the end, when Big Ben struck 6a.m. there were 26 Midnighters cheering.

The Nighter of the Run Award goes to one of the featured artists: Rory Broadfoot, who spent the first half of that Saturday hugging a toilet bowl after feasting on bad lobster, yet stayed the entire 12 hour duration, walking, writing, and planting with the best of us... Stay tuned for the Full Report. Other MNRs for the year: Manchester: 26th Sept, and two possibles I shan’t speak of yet.

Report of MNR '07 here - // Mini May Run '09 here - // Want to know more? mail me -

LOVERS LIARS CONJURERS AND THIEVES// I won a poetry competition. Imagine. The prize was a reading at Latitude Festival, and a t-shirt with my post code printed on it. The poem took two years to write; from when I was first inspired, to its completion and final fullstop. I was pushed to finished in time for a publication called ‘AT NIGHT I’; A conceptual artist and dear friend of mine, Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre, ran a year long project about Southwark (borough of London) at Night. During the project, I was one of the few creatives invited to her salon, to talk about a project at night and I did so about the Midnight Run. She asked for a contribution to her book et voilà: Lovers, Liars, Conjurers and Thieves. The poem traces my favorite journey home, from London’s Southbank Center, through Elephant & Castle, Camberwell, Peckham to right here, in front of my laptop.

The Artist Book: ‘AT NIGHT’, I is a limited edition run of just 1000 copies, and roughly 800 have already been snapped up, some will be distributed through the borough, but some are for sale at £10.00 a pop. Fancy attending the book Launch? (I’ll be doing a short set there) I got you. It is completely free, and ANYONE can come.

Date: Wed 9 Sept ‘09 // Time: 6.00pm - 8.00pm Venue: Camberwell Space, Camberwell College of Arts Peckham Road, London SE5 8UF // T: 0207 514 6402 *Read poem? click here:

YOUTUBE: JOHN KEATS!// I have oft described myself as the love child of John Keats and Mos Def. And Mos has enough videos on the tube that I can easily spend a full day watching and gawking at his rhymes... (he says, ‘put down your blinds, your shade don’t out my shine’) but there is nothing of Keats to watch, not performances... or so I thought. I stumbled into this and almost wet myself with excitement, sit back and watch HIM READ one of his finest poems. Ladies and dudes: John KEATS:

That's all Folks.Xx