Happy Nu Year! Ah sincerely hapologize, ’tis been four hectic months since I sent my last mail. I have news, oh! such news. But before I drop it, a moment if you please for Virginia who couldn’t keep with the demands and duels of daily life and in October, passed away; she will ever hold my heart. But my new laptop, Meredith, is beautiful! I’d also like to say a hearty ‘Hey’ to my new subscribers... Welcome to my Mailout! The Formula is as follows 4 News Items / Smthn frm YouTube: 14TH TALE at The NATIONAL THEATRE // POEJAZZI - YEAR OF THE POET // UNTITLED // LUKE WRIGHT & ROSS SUTHERLAND // Utube: Ctrl.Alt.Shift //

THE 14th TALE // COTTESLOE THEATRE // A thousand thanks to all who saw the play last autumn. If you didn’t, there’s yet another opportunity to: The 14th Tale experience has been a bit crazy. From debuting the show in March, to winning a Fringe First in Edinburgh, to the national tour - traveling, meeting incredible folks... to think a story of my life could do this is absolutely, completely, unreservedly ridiculous, for many personal reasons too. I’m lucky. But it’s just gotten more ridiculous - The play will run for Ten performances at The National Theatre. I mean, THE NATIONAL THEATRE, the heart of the establishment, - At London’s Southbank. If you’ve ever spent a Midnight Run, or talked about London with me, you’ll know how highly I regard the place. It isn't even a dream come true, I didn’t dare dream this... it is just... wow... anyway, I’m weighted with humility. Ten shows at the Cottesloe. (Between the dates, I’ll be hitting Dartington, Bedfordshire and Kent) Dates and all info below. Hope you can make it, please bring a friend.

National Theatre Web: http://bit.ly/4TIHtS Facebook: http://bit.ly/3Sjour

POEJAZZI // BANG! - That is how we started this year! We at Poejazzi, continuing with our promise to provide great poetry shows, have claimed 2010 as our own and have labelled it ’The Year of The Poet’ We have dazzling wonders planned for the year - events at the Roundhouse, Camden Crawl, The Ministry of Sounds, The exclusive Hospital Club and at E4’s Udderbelly to name just tips of our icebergs... And we begin the year long series in pirouetteish style with a show at the Royal Festival Hall this Friday. Entry is completely free - because we’re nice like that - featuring Alex Gwynther, Ed Sheeran, Heidi Vogel and Ventriloquist - one solid hour of back to back brilliance.

The Poejazzi Tonic Fri 15 Jan ’10 // 6- 7 pm: Free Entry Royal Fest Hall, Foyer Bar, Level 2 Southbank Center, London: http://bit.ly/4xz2SF

UNTITLED // Last Year between touring the tale, I had to write, set and show the first half of my next play - ‘Untitled’ - at the round house in London. It was crazy to do this mid tour and after the severe food poisoning I suffered weeks before. My brain was mush and the story of the play is quite simply, the most ambitious thing I have ever tried to write. But we created something magical and the photos in this mail are shots from the play. I won’t speak too much about it now, but wondered if you’d help me write the 2nd half by answering a question - What do you think would happen, would be the consequences of growing up without a name? Hit reply... Looking forward to your answers. Thanx.

LUKE WRIGHT & ROSS SUTHERLAND // So, if in this game of live literature, you haven’t heard of these guys then I’d like to know the exact location of the rock you’ve been living under, and wonder if you’d be so kind as to lend me the keys once in a while. Luke and Ross are members of the award winning troupe, the first ever poetry boy band Aisle 16, and between them, have stacked up more awards, column inches, hate mail and experience than any I know. They are stunning writers, witty, visceral, entertaining. They both have poetry shows running this month and I highly recommended them.

THE PETTY CONCERNS OF LUKE WRIGHT and THE THREE STIGMATA OF PACMAN run from 12 - 30 Jan 2010 (except Sundays and Mondays) at - The Old Red Lion, 418 St John Street, London Tickets £10 for all performances - from Ticketweb: http://bit.ly/oldredlion or BoxOffice 02078377816

SOMETHING FROM YOUTUBE: Ctrl.Alt.Shift was formed to work against social and global injustice - Sentences like that I usually take with a pinch of salt, but they mean it and are ON IT. Born in June 08, they’ve already stormed embassies of countries who've imposed travel restrictions on people living with HIV, highlighted the plight of the 50 million women missing in India and created awareness around countless development issues. Breaking with convention to bring about change, they work with everyone from Plane Stupid and VICE to Sadler's Wells, Tinchy Stryder, Metronomy, Shynola, Alexa Chung and David Shrigley. Last year they held a live graffiti battle themed ‘corruption’. Your’s truly hosted the event and to get a flavour of he great work they do, sit back and watch:

uTube: http://bit.ly/806MOi Their Website: http://www.ctrlaltshift.co.uk/