20111130-101922.jpg The theme for ‘Candy Coated Unicorns and Converse All Stars’, my new and second pamphlet of poems - soon to drop (this Saturday!) - is conversation and transformation. Talking, and what might stem from talking. It is also divided into three sections ‘Candy Coated Unicorns’ ‘And’ & ‘Converse All Stars’. In this order, the langue of the poems change, and gulf of the poems widen. I can’t wait for y’all to get it and read…

This impatience and the thrill of travelling, the road, meeting new kinds of folk - all this has given rise to the tour I’m talking about. On Saturday, I set of for the ‘Candy Coated Tour Living Room Tour’. I did something similar last year, just within London, but this time I’m going UK wide. I’ll be travelling to 7 living rooms, 7 cities, on 7 consecutive days to read work from the book. 7 very kind, generous people have opened their doors to me and have accepted the arduous task of gathering 25 friends to come listen and also to provide shelter on the night. There will also be local writers and musicians sharing work, might even see a belly dancer! Who knows, England is wild like that, especially, in the winter months when some folks turn feral; if you have ever gone to a Primark New Year’s sale, you know exactly what I… gone off topic. What I am really looking forward to, themed after the book, is what happens after reading, what talk might be conjured, the varying thoughts, ideas, feelings that might otherwise slip between the cracks if was to read in a pub, club, or book shop. The relaxed atmosphere should create space for folks to be themselves and that should be the case at all times.

So, the dates are as follows: 03/12: BRISTOL, 04/12: BIRMINGHAM, 05/12: MANCHESTER, 06/12: NEWCASTLE, 07/12: NOTTINGHAM, 08/12: KENT and finally 09/12: LONDON. If you are around, if you’d like to come, if you know someone who’d like to come, then just drop me a line (inuaellams at gmail dot com) as some of the hosts might have space in their living rooms. I have beautiful days coming up, and I’ll be blogging and tweeting about the entire journey. Just come visit this site, and drop in on me on twitter.

The Candy Coated Tour is supported by Apples & Snakes and Contact Theatre, Manchester.