It started with a wild night of texts to friends in London, I could not sleep until 5 am, I finally turned in, woke up late, rushed out of the house, slept throughout the morning, missed the 11 a.m. phone interview, it was going so well. I woke up groggily and called back the number... The interview went okay, this time at 12.20 and I got a text to say the 12.30 interview had to be postponed, and a slow balance returned. The last run-through of Adam and Rachel's show went well and I helped Adam pack down the entire set, clean up the room. Becca, his daughter arrived there and we drove back home, took the girls to Adam's brother where they were to stay for the night, and we headed out to have some good clean fun. We went to watch a Dj called The Orb play at the Fringe Festival Bar. We arrived 3 hours early at 9 with time to kill. The bar was essentially a courtyard converted into a kinda makeshift garden with fake grass, flood lights, wooden loading palettes as stools, at the far left, a huge tank with alternating swimmers dressed as mermaids and mermen, diving in and waving at the crowds. One of the volunteers there was called Emma and my ears pricked up at her tough Irish accent. Wexford? I asked, Close says she, Waterford. She'd arrived a few weeks back and intends to travel the world this year, I tell her about my show and she says she will try to check it out. I chatted with a large group of friends who stood and slouched before me, half dancing in the generous lights of the courtyard. Jesse is a rugby player from New Zealand who had come to Perth to chase his dreams of playing Pro. Daniel is a close friend of his, married to Brittany's best friend. Sarah is that best friend's younger sister, and Brittany works for Virgin Airplanes, she is an flight attendant, ex model. Daniel is a manager for building projects in Perth and they are a close knit bunch of folks who attended church together as kids; it's their strongest bond and we talk of faith affairs, how it interrogate the personal, intersects their individual lives. I tell them these issues gave rise to Black T-Shirt Collection and Jesse pleads for the script which I promise to send to him. Daniel tells that he applied to work in London for the Olympics, got the job - I perked up that he might be in London for our summer - but turned it down because it wasn't perfect for his wife. I talk to Brittany for a long time about her work, Cambodia which she loves and spends a lot of time in. Soon it is time for them to leave... We all swap Facebook details and the night sweeps onwards. I go for a walk through the city down to Northbridge and somehow I do not get lost. When I return, The Orb, the main attraction of the night is spinning mayhem out the decks and I slip into his stream. It is incessant, textured varied and as much as possible, I try to loose myself in the divinity that is music. How it lifts and lies to us beautifully, sometimes, and in that lie, we find quiet places and personal truths. There are things I need to change about how I live in London. We get home, Adam already deeply sleepy, and we crawl into bed. It is morning as I type this, and I think I'm gonna be alright. There is a song playing, a cover of an original by a band called 'Split Enz' (Which coincidentally, Jesse mentioned last night) the chorus talks about celebrating the present, it goes 'Don't know about the future, that's just stuff and nonsense...' and right now, like, totally.