Title is not what it seems... So I am hanging out in Dulwich, ACTUALLY hanging out on Dulwich. Don't get me wrong, I love south london, love the people, the vibrancy, but I never ever hang out here. Most of my chill out times are spent across the river in houses or backstage things. Anyway, hanging out with C Bailey (you don't know who she is), and we are complaining about the week disappearing, 'where did the week go?'

then Bailey asks, 'where will you go if you were a week?' brilliant concept right? so I say... 'probably go to New Zealand, hang out there for a while, just stay low, you know'

but Bailey meant IN TIME... so I say, prolly go to the prehistoric, nestle in with the boys in April, see what the dinosaurs were like... but it gets more interesting, say if you were that week and you traveled back with everything that happens in you, and they still happen, how would it play out?

e.g. if I was the week when Bush won the election, and I traveled back in time, would I let a T-Rex bite his head off? what would be the repercussions? and what would be the voice of the week? would it be an old man's? a kid, a teenager? what accent?

now imagine writing a monologue as a week, talking about what happens in you, in time, then time traveling...

hmmmn, my pen itches...

just need the time now!