What the hell happened to January, month went faster than Greased Lightening on Speed. Anyway, down to business, thanks to those who wrote back with comments from the first mail out, really appreciate the words of encouragement. Remember the formula? Four News Items and one Youtube. TIME OUT / LYNK REACH / ONETASTE / SHOWS / UNIQLO

TIME OUT: 30 years ago, Legendary Poet, Linton Kwesi Johnson's record - Dread Beat an' Blood was released to critical acclaim, an album of political poetry buttressed by the powerful beats of reggae. To commemorate the anniversary, there is to be an event at the Barbican on 9th of March, featuring Jean Binta Breeze and Dennis Bovel. At about the same time, Penned in the Margin's London Word Festival, (20th of Feb to 14 March) will be in full swing, where yours truly and a host of other word warriors such as Saul Williams and Anthony Joseph, will be performing. For the next few months, there will be verses in the air...

Yesterday Morning (04/02) I sped into Brixton to meet Linton and interviewer: Tamara Gausi, for a discussion on the coming month, London and a touch of Politics. Later that night, the questions were posed to Saul and the article up will be featured in Time Out Magazine on the 18th February's Issue. Look out for it. During the photo shoot, I was wearing my favourite scarf. (Thanks Kim)

LYNK REACH: Lynk Reach is a charity dedicated to providing opportunities for young people, they run the London Teenage Poetry SLAM. Created by Jacob Sam-La Rose, it is a performance poetry competition across six secondary schools, where poets are stationed to generate work in schools, culminating in a dazzling final at Stratford Theatre, riddled with tears of joy, pain and all that life stuff... It is truly a magnificent thing to behold. Last Year, I worked with poet: Charlie Dark at Kidbrooke Secondary in South London, and met the most amazing kids. A bristling Jamaican girl told an amazing story of arriving in London alone, identifying a father she had never known from birth, only by the song he sang, in an airport. One kid, asked to describe a noise played to him wrote: 'It is the after sound of a bee's heart humming'... just casually pulled it out of nowhere... nuts.

This year's Slam is about to commence and I will be stationed in The Lammas Secondary School in Leyton, with Poet Coach - Nick Makoha. I will keep you posted as it goes...

ONETASTE: Aaaaaaaaaand Were BACK! I imagine you've heard of the Collective. Last Year, an article published in the London Paper on Live Lit talked about the top ten shows, and the three that I co-organise / Graphic Guru / and occasionally read at, all made the list, NewBlood at the poetry café (20th of Feb, come) was 6th, Poejazzi (PiP, PiP!) was 2nd, ONETASTE was 1st! Last year was incredible for us, over 100 shows, scattered across the UK, a tour of the summer festival circuit, front pages, releases, our own festival, a sell-out jazz café event, and we began this year in style. Again, the 250 sitter sold-out-event on Sunday gone in Balham, saw the word works of: Roger Robinson - reading dazzling short stories, Excentral Tempest the lady rapping like a beautiful battering ram, singers, the naturally, talented MADness of Mark Hole, new to Onetaste - John Kenzie, and our very own, Jamie Woon (nuff siad). for a taste, check out: http://www.Onetaste.co.uk

SHOWS: FLOETICS / REMEDY My first reading/performance of '08 was at the PlayBar in Oldstreet on the 27th of Jan, a laid back affair, really nice way to start the year. Feb begins with two babies in quick succession. First is in Brighton on Wednesday at 'FLOETICS' on 6/02/08 - 8pm // Venue: Redroaster Coffee House - St James Street, Brighton // Wallet Damage - £2.50 and the second is on Thursday, in London at 'REMEDY' 7/02/08 - 8 pm // Venue: Oh! Bar, 111-113 Camden High Street, London, East NW1 JN// Free before 9, £5 after//

At the 'OH! BAR' I will be working with a Live band. A poem of mine 'Candy Coated Unicorns and Comverse All Stars' has been adapted to a jazz version of Bjork's 'Come to Me', and 'Older', written for a beautiful acoustic guitar arrangement, will be revisited. Have to say I am terribly exited about both shows, especially the live Bjorkage. To listen to both poems before the show, stop by: http://www.myspace.com/phaze05

YOUTUBE: UNIQLO I am by no means the best dressed male poet. The titled is passed back and forth between a certain Tim Wells who moonlights as a stockbroker and David J, whose style is only outdone by his verbal gymnastics. However I do get a fair few nods and words of encouragement complimenting, my choice of colour, attire etc. I have three sisters, (I learnt the heard way). But today I reveal to you my formulas, 1) I stick to five colours, mix and match, 2) H&M and Uniqlo. I am found somewhere between these fine establishments.

I am affiliated with a dance collective called Avant Garde. They don't let me dance (!*?&ards, kidding! u kno I luv u) instead only want me for my word and graphic skillz. I have spent time watching incredible dancers, summersaults, holds, tenses and well toned bodies doing things mine can't, so I know a little about street dance and its cross over with ballet.

Putting these topics together, you'll understand why I wasn't half exited when I watched this clip. This month's youtube offering is an add campaign from Uniqlo. Sit back and Jaw drop.

Keep warm, Stay Cool... Inua x