So, I was racing for New Cross Station to Embankment to meet a recent infatuation of mine (might as well be honest). I slid through the rain, bought the £2.30 ticket from the train station, jump in when it comes and ride it all the way to Charing Cross, but I over hear a conversation by three older women. I sat listening and smiling a little as the talked of the weather, the hospital, etc then I heard and whipped out my note pad laughing, had to write it down. 'you know, you are only as young as you feel Margaret, it is all in the head, because my walking stick reminds me that I am not as fit as I used to be, but without it, I still think I'm in my seventies!'


I am gonna remember to say that in the future, when I rock a walking stick shaped like a pen, on a monorail in future London.

For those who went to the event at the Foundry, I apologise on behalf of the organisers; it was running about two hours late, and I had to go before it eventually kicked off.

stay cool. Inua x ---